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Saturday 18 October 2014

Mr Hartley

Mr Hartley (Alternate Places Book1) by P.S Power.

Front Cover


Zack needs to find work, fast. 
That's not a new thing, since jobs are hard to come by in these tough economic times. So, deciding to try something new, he takes a shortcut through a tree, to an interspatial nexus across town. It isn't the sort of thing that most people do, but this time it works out pretty well, and he finds employment. At a secret embassy, masquerading as a rather humble candle shop. 
Mr. Hartley isn't just an ordinary store clerk, however, and very soon strange things become apparent to him that few would notice. Like the vampires running the place across the way, or the attractive giantess that keeps watching him more than a little bit too closely. 
As things become more clear secrets are uncovered, and Zack's old, fairly safe, life goes away without warning. 
Now, thrown into the thick of a world that he'd always been told didn't exist, he must survive and face the worst thing imaginable.
His own memories.

My Review

This book kind of caught of sneaked up on me while browsing through Amazon. The blurb and the relatively cheap price made it hard to refuse.
The book focuses on Zack Hartley, a recluse, who has a special power that sets him apart from everyone else, in that he can travel through special gateways that allow him to go from point A to B in a matter of seconds. The story follows Zack as he develops his powers and in doing so causes a ripple effect throughout the supernatural world.

The book does start of slow and I was confused for the first few chapters at what Zack's special powers were. Initially I wasn't actually wowed over his talent but as the story progressed, his powers became more defined and the 'ohhhh now I see it' moment arrived halfway through.

Besides the main character there is a plethora of characters but the author introduced them in such a way that it didn't feel like I was drowning in names. Characterisation focused squarely on Zack and kind of ignored the rest. Which resulted in that I didn't really connect with the others.

The story does start of slow and the author details literally every step Zack makes from what he's eating to the chores he's doing. It only really picks up near the middle when more about his powers are revealed.

This book is definitely intended for adults. There is a lot of sexual description in it and some violence. Normally I'm fine with sex in books but this book had too much, and when I say too much I mean to the point where I honestly couldn't go a chapter without someone doing it.

Now, you're probably reading this post so far thinking I dislike the book, but that definitely isn't the case. I enjoyed the story -once it picked up - and I was intrigued to see how Zack would develop from an anti-social geek to a charismatic leader.


This book is probably more catered towards young male adults and while I did enjoy the story I did feel that the overly sexual references spoilt it somewhat.

Out of 10 Stars:

6 Stars

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