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Wednesday 24 December 2014

My Books of 2014

With the end of the year upon us and Christmas next door, I though I'd reminisce on the books I've read this year, and to briefly mention my best ones of 2014. 
I've broken this down to categories as I feel it's a bit unfair to just mention one book. So without further ado:

Best Zombie book of 2014

This is a rather simple choice for me. It goes to Joshua Jared Scott The Zombie Apocalypse series. I think I did a review of the excellent first book, and both the second and third book follows in the same rich vein. 

Best Romantic Book of 2014

This goes to Gone to Ground by Cheryl Taylor. It's not technically a romantic novel but I thought the romantic aspect - which is cast amongst a back drop of a post apocalyptic world - was done really well. Normally when authors do romance, it's usually too mushy, scripted or rushed, but I felt this book was done right.

Best Urban Fantasy of 2014

I couldn't look past John Conroe's latest book Forced Ascent. His series, The Demon Accords, is the best collection of urban fantasy books I've had the pleasure of reading so far. And his latest book seamlessly picks up from the last. 
If you haven't read any of his books, then you're really missing out.

Best Fantasy Book of 2014

My top fantasy book of 2014 is none other than Daniel Hylton's concluding book in the series, 'The Stronghold of Evil'. I remember fondly the first time I stumbled upon his first book and I'm not ashamed to say I had glassy eyes when I finished reading the last book in the series. His books have had an impact on me; similar to that of Tolkien's LOTR had on me when I was a young boy.
I've already re-read the entire series three times and no doubt will again.

Worst Book of 2014

There's quite a few books that I could mention, but due to the laughable plot, and how costly it was to buy - the worst book that I read in 2014 goes to Sorrow's Point by Danielle Devor.
I found myself in the mood for a good horror book, and I rather foolishly got sucked in by the edgy cover and interesting blurb. Suffice to say, I pretty much spent the whole book rolling my eyes at the ludicrous scenes/characters. And at no point did the book ever inspire even the remotest flicker of fear. 
Think a B-rated horror movies and then take another 24 steps back to Z.

Honourable Mentions

I can't finish this post without mentioning some books that narrowly missed out but deserve a mention.

  • Blue Star Priestess by Morgan Blayde - the series as a whole is one big fuelled adrenalin ride that never lets up for a single second. The pages fly by as the main character hurtles from one fight to the other. If your looking for a badass main character then look no further.

Final words....

....finally I'd like to wish my readers a happy Christmas/Holiday and a fulfilling new year. 
I appreciate you taking the time to read my words/blog, and it means a lot to me - whether you agree or disagree with my views.
And for any regular readers out there (I'm probably being presumptuous here), please continue to follow my blog and hopefully I've given you some good recommendations. 

A pic I've taken from London, near the River Thames.

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