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Wednesday 28 December 2016

Lost Soul

Lost Soul (Harbinger P.I. Book 1) by Adam J Wright.

Front Cover


Alec Harbinger, Preternatural Investigator 
I’m the guy you come to when your spouse gets bitten by a werewolf, or your honey is kidnapped by a demon. I’m the guy who knows how to save your ass when an evil sorcerer casts a curse on it. 
At least, I was that guy until the Society of Shadows sent me to Dearmont, Maine, a sleepy town that had a zero rating on the supernatural occurrences scale.  
My plan was to spend my days sitting in the office with nothing to do except drink coffee and eat apple bakes made by Felicity, my new assistant. 
But when a woman hires me to find out if her son has been possessed by a demon at a rich kids’ party, and a young man comes to the office insisting he’s been bitten by a werewolf, Dearmont goes from zero to hero. 
Oh, and did I mention that someone in the Society wants me dead?
Time to sharpen the swords and go to work…

My Review

Before I begin, I have to admit that I didn't have any great expectations before reading this book. There seems to be a lot of urban fantasy books nowadays based on a P.I and I have to say most of them are pretty forgettable. It just seems the genre is swamped with a lot of sameness, but the book was going for free on Amazon and I thought I'd give it a go.

So here's my review...

The story centres on Alec Harbinger, Preternatural Investigator, who works for a secret magical society, but he finds himself in their bad graces and as a result has been shunted out to Dearmont, Maine.

The book does follow the same cookie cutter formular as most other urban fantasy novels but honestly I enjoyed it.

And there's a couple of reasons why;

  1. The main one being the main character, Alec. He wasn't the brash, overconfident type that you often find in this genre, nor was he the bumbling idiot that invariably sends you into a fit of groaning due to the stupid decisions they make. Instead Alec, was a strong dependable guy who had some common sense about him. He actually approached problems like someone who's competent because he does it for a living (strange concept I know).
  2. The second reason I liked the book was the simple writing style. If you're looking for elaborate, descriptive passages of text then this book is probably not going to appease you, but I liked how simple the prose was and it read easy. You know sometimes I don't want to think too much when I'm reading and just want to enjoy the story.


If you want a quick, entertaining story based on a likeable character, then you can't go too far wrong with this book. I enjoyed it and now I'm on to the sequel.

Out of 10 Stars:

8 Stars

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