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Saturday 26 May 2018

Send Down the Rain

Send Down the Rain By: Charles Martin.

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Allie is still recovering from the loss of her family’s beloved waterfront restaurant on Florida’s Gulf Coast when she loses her second husband to a terrifying highway accident. Devastated and losing hope, she shudders to contemplate the future—until a cherished person from her past returns.
Joseph has been adrift for many years, wounded in both body and spirit and unable to come to terms with the trauma of his Vietnam War experiences. Just as he resolves to abandon his search for peace and live alone at a remote cabin in the Carolina mountains, he discovers a mother and her two small children lost in the forest. A man of character and strength, he instinctively steps in to help them get back to their home in Florida. There he will return to his own hometown—and witness the accident that launches a bittersweet reunion with his childhood sweetheart, Allie. 
When Joseph offers to help Allie rebuild her restaurant, it seems the flame may reignite—until a 45-year-old secret from the past begins to emerge, threatening to destroy all hope for their second chance at love.


My Review

Ok, I know this blog is called 'Fantasy Muse' but fantasy isn't the only genre that I read, and I enjoy widening my scope now and again to include fiction, sci-fi, romance, and classics.  Sometimes it does get a bit stale reading the same stuff again and again, and so I enjoy varying it up.

My next review is about Send Down The Rain by Charles Martin - author of The Mountain Between Us: Now a film starring Idris Elba and Kate Winslet). Admittedly I hadn't seen the film, and I hadn't read any books from the author, so what drew me in was the storyline - I guess I'm a sucker for the lonely, isolated protagonist.

The story follows Joseph (Jo Jo), a 62 year old, grizzled war veteran, who lives in isolation after a life of hardship and torment.  After rescuing a young woman and her children, he finds himself back in his hometown, Florida, where he meets his childhood friend, Allie, again.
Allie, has also led a difficult life, and is mourning her second husband who had just been killed in a crash.
Both find each other at a precarious point in their lives and old, forgotten feelings soon rekindle from dying embers.  

Charles Martin writes a tale that is simple and yet complex, and filled with meaning.  He uses uncomplicated words and sentences, but somehow weaves a story that is rich with brilliant character development.  You can't help but find yourself getting drawn in to Jo and Allie's struggle to find happiness.

There is a lot of reminiscing about the past from Joseph which I felt added to the story, instead of making it more tedious.  There is a few twists in the plot which I honestly didn't expect, and whilst a little surreal, they served their purpose and kept me riveted to the book.
The actual romance between Joe and Allie, felt a little instantaneous at first, but as the plot furthered you understood why - they complimented each other. 

There's an overall theme of remorse and forgiveness painted throughout the book which Martin evokes quite vividly.  It couldn't help but stir in me the message that life should be lived on a gamble and not filled with regret. 


A book that is packed with substance, an endearing romance, plot twists and action (that includes Mexican cartels).
Simply put, for those who enjoy a good tale, then I can't recommend this book highly enough.

Out of 10 Stars:

9 Stars

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