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Friday 10 August 2018

The Grey Bastards

The Grey Bastards (The Lot Lands) by Jonathan French.

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Jackal is proud to be a Grey Bastard, member of a sworn brotherhood of half-orcs. Unloved and unwanted in civilized society, the Bastards eke out a hard life in the desolate no-man's-land called the Lots, protecting frail and noble human civilization from invading bands of vicious full-blooded orcs. 
But as Jackal is soon to learn, his pride may be misplaced. Because a dark secret lies at the heart of the Bastards' existence - one that reveals a horrifying truth behind humanity's tenuous peace with the orcs, and exposes a grave danger on the horizon. 
On the heels of the ultimate betrayal, Jackal must scramble to stop a devastating invasion - even as he wonders where his true loyalties lie.

My Review

An intriguing book that was bought more on a whim than with any great expectations and after finishing the book, I'm glad to say I took that chance.

The book focuses on the half-orc Jackal, who is a member of a group of orcs (named hoofs) called the Grey Bastards, they are very akin to tribes / biker gangs and there are several other half orc tribes that all reside in a barren place called the Lot Lands.

The story follows Jackal as he struggles to survive amidst internal politics and infighting as well as trying to save his hoof from potential extinction. He is joined as well by his two best friends; Oats, and Fetch - who is the only female member of the the Grey Bastards.

Admittedly I wasn't quite sure about the book and the start of the story felt a bit slow in regard to pace but roughly half way through the book the story really kicks off, finishing with a dramatic and enjoyable ending.

I should also add that I thought the characters were well written, with good depth added to not only the main protagonist but also to the secondary characters. 


A very good read that leaves the book open for further sequels which I will certainly be keeping an eye on, whilst the book started off a little clumsily, the author finished it with a flourish.

Out of 10 Stars:

7 Stars

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