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Saturday 23 July 2016

Bullet Rain

Bullet Rain - A Nova Bartkowski Novel (Holly Lin Series) by Robert Swartwood

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Nova is a free man. Having just walked away as a non-sanctioned hit man for the U.S. government, he's purchased a classic Mustang to drive across the country. But when his car breaks down in the middle of the Nevada desert, Nova ends up in the small town of Parrot Spur. There's something strange about Parrot Spur. Something ... off. Maybe it's the fact the town is full of ex-servicemen. Maybe it's the fact the abandoned mine might not be abandoned. Maybe it’s the fact the knockout brunette in the bar is clearly more than what she seems. In the end, none of it matters. What matters — and what Nova is soon going to learn — is that in the desert, the only thing that rains is bullets. 

My Review

I do love a good action/thriller book, and I was - probably still am - a huge fan of the Jack Reacher books before Lee Child seemed to lose his way, and so every now and again I like to find a good action/thriller novel.

The story is about Nova, a recent ex-government hit man, who is on his way to California when the tires to his newly bought Mustang blows up. Stuck in the middle of Nevada, the closest place nearby is a small town called Parrot Spur, but something is not quite right with the threadbare town.
There is also another character called Jessica, a young woman, who is also a stranger to Parrot Spur but has her own reasons for being there. 

This is an action packed, fast paced book that I finished in one sitting. The story has enough pull to it that keeps hooked to it from start to finish.
The central character, Nova, is everything you want in a hero, but more importantly (for me) has a toned down sense of morals, which adds a bit grit to the book, as there's nothing more I dislike than the good guy being a saint.
The other character, Jessica, wasn't entirely the damsel in distress, she did need saving - at times - but her personality was strong and she wasn't timid in the face of danger.

I did mention Reacher at the beginning of this post, and there are some comparisons, mostly in the short, crisp writing style, and riveting action scenes, but I wouldn't yet put it in the same class as Reacher (the early books that is). However, there's no shame in that as many authors place Lee Child's works as the benchmark for their own books.


Fans of action/thriller, who are looking for something quick to read and like their hero to be more greyer than white, will enjoy this book. 

**I should add that there is an earlier book in the series, which I was unaware of before I read Bullet Rain, and there are hints to some of the characters in the 1st, but there was never any confusing points in the story and for me this book can be read entirely as a stand alone. However, saying that, it'd probably be more beneficial to start with book 1 No Shelter (A Holly Lin Novel).**

Out of 10 Stars:

8 Stars

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