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Sunday 21 January 2018

The Son of the Morning

The Son of the Morning: Book One of The Nightfall Wars by Jacob Peppers.

Front Cover


Fifty years ago, the nightwalkers appeared, creatures of shadow and darkness, thirsting for blood and death. Thousands died and the kingdom of Entarna was brought to its knees. Then the Chosen came, six men and women endowed with powers by Amedan, the God of Fire and Light. The Chosen joined with the kingdom’s armies and together they managed to defeat the night’s creatures. At least for a time. 
Alesh, servant to Chosen Olliman, the greatest of Amedan’s priests, knows well what the darkness holds. He saw it, as a child, when his father and mother were killed, and he was left with a blackened, festering scar that refuses to heal.  
The day wanes and the night comes again, but when those chosen to protect the kingdom are unable or unwilling to help, when the fellowships of the past have crumbled, it is left to an orphaned servant—a man many believe to be cursed—to stand against the rising darkness.

My Review

My second review of the year, and in quick succession too, I guess I must be on a roll.......anyway on to the review.

This book in many ways reminds me of The Painted Man Novel by Peter V. Brett. The premise is very similar for those who have read the book, in that once night fall descends, monsters begin to roam the land and the only defence is light.

The main protagonist is called Alesh, who is an apprentice / servant to a powerful priest, called Olliman. The story starts of fine but really picks up once the city revolts. After that the pace quickens and you fly through the pages with action.

There are two other main characters, and their POV switch often, which stunted my enjoyment a little bit at first, but the pieces started to come together near the end and you got that 'a-ha' moment. 

A word of warning, the book is deceptively - for me at least - more violent than I had assumed, but I liked that, it wasn't the tasteless violence you see in books nowadays, but rather added a mature edge to it.


I really enjoyed this book, and I can't wait for the sequel. If you're looking for a darker fantasy, with an interesting story that's similar to The Painted Man Novel by Peter V. Brett, then this is a must read.

Out of 10 Stars:

8 Stars

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