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Sunday 21 April 2019

Changeling's Fealty

Changeling's Fealty (Changeling Blood Book 1) by Glynn Stewart.

Front Cover


A ragged newcomer…With a secret even he doesn’t knowA backwater city…With a countdown to an explosion no one is expectingA secret Covenant…And a conspiracy to break it to pieces 
Jason Kilkenny is a new arrival in the Canadian city of Calgary. Unlike most newcomers, Jason isn’t looking for a job in oil and gas: he’s a half-fae changeling that wants to get away from the politics of the inhuman races.
He soon learns that despite being a supernatural backwater, the city is run by a near-godlike Wizard—and the shadows are full of unseen dangers. Jason’s here to hide, but he finds himself called to service by Calgary’s understaffed Fae Court. 
As supernatural politics collide in his new home, Jason’s plan to keep his head down is shattered and he finds himself testing the limits of his meager gifts. He cannot run, he cannot hide…and if he loses, he loses everything.

My Review

I like Glynn Stewart as an author from his Onset series and I knew this was going to be an interesting book.

The story centres on Jason, a half blood fae who is trying to keep his head down and avoid the supernatural community, and after wandering from one city to the next, he eventually settles on Calgary, however fate has other plans lined up for Jason.

This was an enjoyable book with an interesting plot and characters that grew as the story unfolded. I liked Jason as a protagonist, he was smart, not too powerful and was resourceful.  The pace was at the right speed in that it never lingered at any one place and kept your attention fixed.


Overall as urban fantasy goes, this is a good one, particularly for fans of the genre.  I've read the other books in the series but I'm not going to review them, other than to say that they get better with each subsequent sequel. 

Out of 10 Stars:

7.5 Stars

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